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Big Fat Real Estate Checks

Oct 22, 2020

Limiting beliefs and excuses puts you in a box, it prevents you from growth that would otherwise be possible. It is important to break out of this cocoon and explore life to its fullest potential. This episode delves into how we can break free of our limiting beliefs. 


  • We waste a lot of time on things that do not matter and when it comes to the things that matter we just push it back and keep procrastinating. We need to start better prioritizing our tasks.
  • To get started in real estate or any business you are passionate about starting while you are still working your job, start with dedicating 1 hour a week to it.
  • Look for properties, offer deals, make calls and emails
  • Make this a part of your routine and you will notice yourself extending that one hour to two and three
  • Keep in mind that this is not a race and won’t happen overnight. You have to get there with a lot of patience
  • Everyone have 24 hours in day but how you spend it makes the difference
  • You may also start with working 15 minutes a week, consider this as when you start going to the gym. Your first day on the treadmill will be very hard and you might be only running 15 minutes on it, on the second day you might go for 20 minutes and then third 30 minutes, eventually you will find yourself running on that same treadmill for like an hour.
  •  In this way slowly set your pace and consider that you are your only competition
  •  If you don’t work for yourself you will end working for someone else who took those 15 minutes and utilized it
  • Age doesn’t matter, Colonel Sanders started KFC in his 70’s when he almost gave up and just look at the success KFC has got
  • There are so many YouTube videos, articles, Podcasts and books to help you guide on where to start. Use all the content that is available to you on a single click
  • Small steps today can make huge difference in future



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